Health Education and Nutrition
     The Health Educator teaches patients about various topics that impact our health. She is often available onsite for immediate referral, for individual education or scheduled group classes.
      Patients are referred to the Nutritionist by ACHC care providers. She provides education about nutrition and exercise and assesses the patients diet/habits. She also assesses the CPSP patients. 
      Female patients with postive pregnancy tests are referred to the CPSP program. Visits consist of education and information, (nutrition, psychosocial assessments, and educational videos), that are  designed to improve the health of mom and baby! Click here for more information.
     Counselors work with doctors to help patients experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, drug and alchohol abuse, domestic abuse, obesity, smoking, diabetes and other issues; often at the visit with your doctor.Click here for more information.
     A Case Manager creates a Care Plan for patients and schedules appointments with other members of the healthcare team. She is available onsite for immediate referral.
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