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March 2014
Aria Community Health Center will be open in Riverdale at our mobile clinic location on the corner of Paloma and Malsbary.  See our ACHC - Riverdale page for more information. 
July 2, 2012
The Affordable Care Act and Community Health Centers:
A brief summary of the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Health Reform and how it will affect our patients.  
The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will directly affect patients in the Central Valley.
How will the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affect Community Health Centers and in California?
The ACA will create opportunities to expand access to affordable healthcare via new and existing community health centers. Much like our newly funded health centers in Stratford and Kettleman City, it will increase the number of patients who receive affordable primary care.  We are very excited join other community health centers in expanding access to meet healthcare needs in underserved communities in the Central Valley.
However, the ruling weakened Medicaid expansion. This could potentially leave millions of low-income people without an affordable health care alternative.
How does the Affordable Care Act impact migrant Health?
The Act helps migrant farm workers by supporting migrant health centers. Unfortunately, according to Alexis Guild from Farmworker Justice, undocumented farm workers and their families will not be eligible for the subsidized health insurance exchanges or for Medicaid because they lack the authorized immigration status.
For a full press release about the ACA from the National Association of Community Health Center follow the link below.
Alexis Guild. Farmworker Justice statement on ACA Decision, www.farmworkerjustice.org June 28,2012.
Tom Van Coverden, National Association of Community Health Centers, http://www.nachc.com/pressrelease-detail.cfm?PressReleaseID=760 June 28, 2012.

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