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Avenal Community Health Center has embarked upon the road to community gardening!
We have created three basic methods:
1)The first method is Home Gardening. A group of home gardeners grow gardens at their homes in soil.
2)The second method is Community Gardening. These gardeners are provided with an 8’ x 12’ space of soil and water on a donated property with 28 such spaces.
3)The last method is Aquaponic System Gardening. This method is an alternative to soil gardening which utilizes fish and water. A group of approximately 10 families will receive an Aquaponic system at their homes. A larger demonstration system is accessible for viewing at the Community Garden site.
   Each of these groups of gardeners  receive free seeds and gardening classes. They are responsible for keeping record of the crops they plant, the time they spend gardening and the crops they harvest. They are also required to donate 10% of their crops to someone in need such as a neighbor, family or friends. The Community Garden is located on Hanford Street next to Tamarack Elementary School. You can begin registering for a free garden plot at anytime. Plots are assigned by the end of February each year.
For more information, or to sign up for a garden plot,
 call Jennifer Smith at:(559)386-4500, extension 1011
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